50 Bronx leaders offer 50 ideas improving the borough

Elected leaders are informing Bronx residents on their latest and greatest ideas on what can be done to improve life in the borough. The report outlines 50 ideas from 50 different leaders on how to improve the Bronx. Those ideas feature things like affordable housing, vocational work, school programs and much more. This list of […]

First Official Bronx Week 2022 Event & Bridging The Digital Divide

The COVID-19 pandemic shined a light on what experts call the “digital divide” – the gap between those with access to technology and those without. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it forced many to live their lives online. School, meetings, weddings, birthday parties — all had to be held virtually, but not everyone has access […]

Dr. Meisha Porter, Derrick Lewis, and Desmon Lewis featured on BronxTalk on BronxNet

Former schools chancellor Dr. Meisha Porter, newly named President and CEO of The Bronx Community Foundation was one of this week’s guests on BronxTalk. The lifetime Bronx educator joined Derrick Lewis and Desmon Lewis, the co-founders of The Bronx Community Foundation, to discuss initiatives to invest in community power to eradicate inequity and build sustainable […]

Overcoming Digital Deserts: The Birth of Bronx Digital Equity Coalition

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, the Bronx was known to be home to some of New York City’s largest digital deserts, neighborhoods where many people do not have internet access at home.  As the Bronx Community Foundation reports:  The Bronx has the lowest broadband adoption rates of any borough and the disparities are even more pronounced […]

Dr. Meisha Porter announced as New President and CEO of The Bronx Community Foundation

The Bronx Community Foundation proudly announces former New York City Schools Chancellor Dr. Meisha Porter as its inaugural President and CEO. It is with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm that The Bronx Community Foundation welcomes former New York City Schools Chancellor Dr. Meisha Porter as its inaugural President and CEO. Meisha brings with her many outstanding […]

Trinity In Unity – Activists and nonprofits team up to press service providers

bronx is suffering unity

COVID-19 forced a million city public-school students to attend school via Zoom, illuminating how many Bronx families lacked computers or Wi-Fi—and launching a collaboration of nonprofits to fill the void. Soon after schools first closed in March 2020, The Bronx Community Foundation— a nonprofit founded by local twin brothers Derrick and Desmond Lewis in 2017— […]

Desmon and Derrick Lewis are Featured on Mission BX


Our Co-Founders, Desmon and Derrick Lewis were featured this week on BronxNet’s and Hostos’ show “Mission Bx”. They were interviewed by Eileen Newman, the host and Executive Director of the Center for Nonprofits. The video covered the impact of our Bronx Covid Relief Effort and shared more detail on several BxCF initiatives. Please feel free […]

Hunts Point Express features our COVID-relief technology support for Bronx students

Hunts Point Express Features

Although remote learning has become the educational standard in the year since the COVID-19 pandemic, many South Bronx students still do not have access to the technology that makes it possible. By communicating with political leaders, providing tech assistance, and distributing devices, we hope to close the digital divide and provide better online education for […]

The Bronx Community Foundation provides support to small businesses amid the pandemic

Bx Small Businesses Hunts Pt (1)

The COVID-19 Pandemic has placed a massive financial burden on small businesses- many do not have the facilities to navigate the sudden absence of foot traffic and necessary change in operations. The Bronx Community Relief Fund aims to provide support in numerous areas to keep these businesses afloat until life can return to normal.  Continue […]

Results of our survey on the COVID-19 vaccine covered by Bronx Daily News


Here is a complete breakdown of the results of our COVID-19 vaccine survey that was distributed in February to New York City residents. Read more to see opinions of Bronxites on whether or not they are taking the vaccine, the kind of media coverage it has received, and comparison of opinions between boroughs. Continue reading […]