The Bronx Community Foundation's Participatory Grant-Making Portfolio


The Bronx Community Foundation supports and invests in community power to eradicate inequity and build sustainable futures for all Bronxites.

Who We Are

Since its inception, The Bronx Community Foundation (BxCF), the first and only community foundation in The Bronx dedicated solely to delivering resources to the entire borough, believes that the power of the people drives change. The strength and durability of our strategic solutions come from investing in and pooling our resources, talents, and expertise to create tangible and sustainable improvements to the quality of life in our community—meaning Bronxites helping Bronxites.

The Bronx Community Foundation practices equitable, inclusive, and participatory grantmaking – guidance for grantmaking comes directly from our community partners who have equal power in the grant process and decisions along with the foundation with a goal of solving systemic challenges and creating lasting solutions. To date, the foundation has awarded over $10 million in grants to grassroots organizations, nonprofits, and small businesses in The Bronx.

Our Approach

The Bronx Community Foundation is not solely a pass-through funding institution. We support and invest in community power to eradicate inequity and build sustainable futures for all Bronxites. Through community power, we bring together Bronxites and leaders from community-based organizations to strategically deploy resources into areas of critical need, including Food Security, Housing Stability, Health, Education, Equity & Justice, Economic Opportunity & Relief, Small Business Strength, Digital Equity and Nonprofit Capacity. The Bronx Community Foundation deploys resources and technical assistance to activate community power.


Priority Considerations

We are committed to supporting and partnering with The Bronx community and invite applications for funding by nonprofit and grassroots organizations offering innovative solutions that fall within this year’s programmatic areas of focus are welcome to apply. 

Bronx-based/serving organizations may receive up to $25,000 in grant funding support for the following BxCF’s focus areas:

Community: The Bronx Community Foundation believes that every Bronxite deserves social,  cultural, and economic support throughout their lifetime; we are committed to providing nonprofits and grassroots organizations in The Bronx with resources to help them and the communities they serve thrive. We provide grant funding to organizations to build and grow their capacity, create and expand critical programs and address needs.  Our nonprofit partners provide a variety of programs and services  that include health and food security, social, arts and culture, wraparound services, mental health services, after school and educational programs, immigrant services, and workforce development/career services to support The Bronx’s vibrant communities.

Equity & Justice: We strongly believe that addressing systemic injustice is the first step in our mission of building a better, fairer, and just Bronx for everyone. Historical disinvestment and redlining in The Bronx have created barriers for justice-involved individuals that can be nearly impossible to overcome. We believe that every Bronxite deserves an equitable, fair, and just environment, free from discrimination and prejudice. We provide grant funding to organizations that support justice-impacted individuals, youth and families, services to immigrants and those seeking asylum as well as education and programs that provide workforce development and career pathways to build generational wealth and prosperity.

Education: The Bronx Community Foundation’s emerging education agenda promotes collaboration and co-investment as a strategy to transform education in the Bronx and builds on the dedicated network of organizational and educational entities working to change the lives of Bronx youth by increasing collaboration, improving coordination, and leveraging new technologies in service of 21st-century learning. We fund educational initiatives that develop strategies to strengthen and improve school and learning environments, create innovative education models to improve academic outcomes in traditionally underserved communities, address emerging trends, develop and support school leadership, and build professional opportunities through mentoring and apprenticeships.

Health: The Bronx Community Foundation makes available grant funds to organizations providing health education, mental health services, wraparound services, community resources, and programs that implement solutions to address food insecurity through food pantries, community gardens, and education on nutrition and wellness. The Bronx Community Foundation’s health initiatives work to remove systemic injustices that have caused our health and quality of life to lag behind the rest of the city.

Digital Equity: Improving access to modern digital resources is a key focus for The Bronx Community Foundation’s work. At The Bronx Community Foundation, we believe that access to broadband and digital resources is a human right. Our mission is to address the digital inequity in our community and to bring about real change and growth through grants supporting innovative solutions and programs that provide digital literacy, free access to broadband and digital devices, tech training and career pathways, job opportunities in technology, and internships.  

Grant funds can be used to cover program and training materials, workshops, staff expenses, overhead, etc., whatever the applicant deems necessary for the success of their proposed project/program and services.  

We are pleased to announce the grantees from our 2023 Participatory Grant Cycle:
  •  Community 
    • Astor Services
    • Bethel Hamliri, Inc.
    • The Bronx Land Trust
    • Homeless Remedies, Inc.
    • The Hope Program
  • Digital Equity
    • THE POINT Community Development Corporation
    • Sapna NYC, Inc.
  • Education
    • A Fair Shake for Youth, Inc.
    • Highlander Institute/Throughline Learning
    • Bronx Community College Foundation
  • Equity & Justice
    • New Settlement
  • Health
    • Justice Innovation Inc.
    • Part of the Solution, Inc.
    • St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction
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