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The Bronx Dispensary Showroom – A Cannabis Retail Pop-up Experience

The Bronx Community Foundation and The Bronx Borough President’s office, in partnership with organizations helping to propel the New York cannabis industry forward, is opening The Bronx’s First Adult Use Retail Cannabis Experience.

This is an educational event. No cannabis will be present or sold at this event.

* You must be 21 years of age or older to enter the event.

* Only bottled water and snacks (eg. chips) will be allowed in the building. No other liquids or food will be allowed in the building.

The event will feature:

  • For the first time in New York State, an end-to-end New York compliant retail dispensary education experience (a built out dispensary) in the historic Bronx Post Office
  • A workforce development fair with organizations who can provide training and jobs in the Cannabis industry
  • A speaker series with community groups and professionals providing education on social equity, advocacy and overall opportunities in the Cannabis industry.
  • No cannabis will be present or sold at this event. The intention is for educational purposes only.
  • This event emphasizes combating the stigma associated with cannabis and the opportunity the industry provides to build generational wealth in the Bronx and beyond

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